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Hang your garment out in the air and you will be amazed at how fresh it becomes.The exception is any sweater that has interior shaping for lapels, collars, and shoulders.

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Dry cleaning is an easy and convenient way to care for delicate sweaters.

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If you must wash it, wash it by hand in cold water with delicates specific detergent (ie Woolite).

Usually, you can wash cashmere on the delicate cycle in cold water.I knitted a baby sweater with acrylic yarn and the bottom of the sweater rolled up.Fill a clean sink up with warm water and wash the item through.

That is understandable when you consider that the wash machine can turn a beautiful sweater that fits you perfectly into something small enough to fit your dog.I hope hand washing it in Woolite with straighten out the curl.

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After the wash and rinse, refill the sink or basin with enough cool water to allow the sweater to swirl around.Wash it when it is soiled, stained, or possibly when taken out of storage.

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Add a cup full of clothing conditioner and mix it in with your item.

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Lukewarm water is most suitable as very hot or cold water may shrink your sweater.

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Thoroughly mix in liquid fabric softener and follow the same directions for washing explained earlier.

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To do a first dry, lay out a towel and then roll up the sweater and push gently on the towel.Alkaline solutions can affect the dyes used in wool and can result in colours fading or running.Only use a small amount of detergent, too much can be difficult to rinse from your sweater which may leave it coarse.If in doubt, a cold hand wash will work well to keep it in good condition, or the lowest setting on your washing machine.How to wash cashmere sweaters: C ashmere is usually goat hair blended with wool or synthetic fibers.

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When the detergent is mixed into the water, add your cashmere sweater.

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Learn how these garments are cared for from a dry cleaning specialist in this free garment care video series.

Rinse the item with clean water, then fill the sink up again with warm water.Fleece items are generally safe to wash in the washing machine.A downside to soft woolens is how many pills and fuzzies develop, which makes even the prettiest sweater look shabby, so I use a sweater shaver to remove pills and balls.Simple: use a mild soap or detergent and wash and rinse in thee same temperature water (but not hot warm or cold is best) just swish the sweater around and squeeze a few times do not wring spread out on a large towel and roll very tightly, repeat the last step until your towel is just damp should not take more than 3 towels.No one ever promised laundry would be fun, but it is a fact of life.How to Wash Knitwear: Woollens and Acrylics Normal laundry detergents contain ingredients, which help get dirt out of heavily soiled clothes but at the same time, make the washing solution alkaline.

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